1. Take a community cookbook store in Seattle's North Fremont neighborhood and add a carefully chosen selection of new, vintage collectible, and imported cookbooks. Throw in some great bookmarks, as you wish.
  2. Include years of cooking classes, author signings and demos, and other events with some of the food world's brightest minds and palates.
  3. Mix in seasonal tastings, classes, and demonstrations with the likes of Ruth Reichl, Jacques Pepin, Heidi Swanson, and many, many more. (To taste.)

[serves: Any number of enthusiasts for discussions and plan-making. See also: Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Tumblr, and our Email list for more information on our upcoming events, recommended new titles, and so much more.]

Upcoming Events

  1. Cooking Class: Scandinavian Fat Tuesday Baking from Fika
    February 7: 10am-12:30pm

    Anna Brones: Cooking Class: Scandinavian Fat Tuesday Baking from Fika

    In Sweden, no baked good is as indicative of the early winter months as the semla. Traditionally made for Fat Tuesday this sweet, yeasted bun, flavored with spicy cardamom and filled with almond paste and whipped cream fills the windows of every Swedish bakery from January until the indulgent… Read More & Register »
  2. Lunch Break Cooking Class—2/8
    February 8: Noon-1pm

    Amy Pennington: Lunch Break Cooking Class—2/8

    Looking for a delicious, out-of-the-ordinary way to spend the noon hour? Then join us for our lunch-break cooking class series. This week, local author Amy Pennington will prepare a seasonally-inspired lunch for participants in an informal, 60-minute class. Amy will demonstrate cooking fundamentals, talk about new and seasonal ingredients, and… Read More & Register »
  3. Cooking Class: Italian Comfort Food
    February 9: 6:30-9pm

    Olaiya Land: Cooking Class: Italian Comfort Food

    Winter is the perfect time for hearty Italian food. Join chef Olaiya Land on an exploration of Italy’s rich culinary tradition. Olaiya will show you how to use seasonal ingredients and Italian staples to create a delicious menu. We’ll make:  Winter Greens with Beets,… Read More & Register »