1. Take a community cookbook store in Seattle's North Fremont neighborhood and add a carefully chosen selection of new, vintage collectible, and imported cookbooks. Throw in some great bookmarks, as you wish.
  2. Include years of cooking classes, author signings and demos, and other events with some of the food world's brightest minds and palates.
  3. Mix in seasonal tastings, classes, and demonstrations with the likes of Ruth Reichl, Jacques Pepin, Heidi Swanson, and many, many more. (To taste.)

[serves: Any number of enthusiasts for discussions and plan-making. See also: Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Tumblr, and our Email list for more information on our upcoming events, recommended new titles, and so much more.]

Upcoming Events

  1. Author Book Party at The Palace Ballroom: 32 Yolks
    $65 General Admission; $120 VIP Reception
    May 26: 7-8:30pm
    at The Palace Ballroom

    Eric Ripert: Author Book Party at The Palace Ballroom: 32 Yolks

    THIS EVENT HAS SOLD OUT. We're delighted to team up with the folks at Tom Douglas' Palace Ballroom for Join us for an evening with the world-renowned chef Eric Ripert (owner of the three Michelin star restaurant Le Bernardin in New York) as we discuss tales from… Read More & Register »
  2. Author Talk: Make Mead Like a Viking
    Free to all
    May 31: 6:30-8pm

    Jereme Zimmerman: Author Talk: Make Mead Like a Viking

    Mead. Vikings. It’s impossible to think of one without the other. So why try? In Make Mead Like a Viking, Jereme Zimmerman unlocks the brewing secrets of the ancient Norse and shows readers how homebrewing mead can be not only simple but fun.As a homesteader, fermentation… Read More & Register »
  3. Cooking Class: Summertime Indian Dinner
    June 1: 6:30-9pm

    Bella Sangar: Cooking Class: Summertime Indian Dinner

    We are excited to welcome local chef, cooking instructor, and staple at the Queen Anne Farmers Market Bella Sangar to the Book Larder.  Bella will teach you how to incorporate indian flavors into local, seasonal ingredients. The menu includes: Warm Asparagus, Potato and Cherry Salad… Read More & Register »