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Jack Bishop

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Jack Bishop:
Author Talk: America’s Test Kitchen’s The New Essentials Cookbook

Take your cooking skills to the next level while developing a knockout repertoire of 200 essential dishes that satisfy what our modern palates crave, from simple meals to dinner-party center­pieces. Most of us–not just newbies–could stand to bone up on certain culinary basics, and the ATKmethods may surprise even more experienced cooks, from seeding fresh chiles (they use a measuring spoon) to hulling strawberries (a straw works well). And that’s just the tip of the iceberg of what these recipes teach. As you progress through this book, you will also gain a deeper understanding of ingredients, better ­techniques, and the secrets used in the test kitchen.

Jack Bishop of America's Test Kitchen will be making his fourth Book Larder appearance for The New Essentials Cookbook! Jack will be demoing a recipe from the book (which you'll get to try!), plus he will share tips and techniques from the book, and you can get a signed copy of The New Essentials Cookbook as well as a few other ATK favorites.

Can't attend this event but still want a signed copy of the book? Order it here for shipping and instore pickup.

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