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  1. Whole_food_cooking_every_day.jpg

    Author Talk: Whole Food Cooking Every Day

    Amy Chaplin

  2. Apples.jpg

    Author Talk: Apple

    James Rich

  3. Shama_Joshi.jpg

    Cooking Class: Indian Breakfast Favorites

    Shama Joshi

  4. Anna_Brones_Pancake_Art.jpg

    Writing and Creativity Workshop: Food as Creative Fuel

    Anna Brones

    Sold Out
  5. cherry_valley_dairy_butter.jpg

    Cooking Class: Homemade Butter

    Meghan McKenna

  6. pumpkin_curry_soup_hero.jpg

    Cooking Class: Vegan Stew

    Caroline Wright

  7. georgian_pate.jpeg

    Cooking Class: The Georgian Feast: A Supra

    Polina Chesnakova

  8. Lunch_Break2.JPG

    Lunch Break Cooking Class: October 14th

    Amanda Coba

  9. Sourdough_on_the_rise.jpg

    Author Talk: Sourdough on the Rise

    Cynthia Lair

  10. When_pies_fly.jpg

    Author Talk: When Pies Fly

    Cathy Barrow

  11. Sister_Pie.jpg

    Author Talk: Sister Pie

    Lisa Ludwinski

  12. Ottolenghi_Simple.jpg

    Cookbook Potluck: Ottolenghi Simple

    Sold Out
  13. Lunch_Break2.JPG

    Lunch Break Cooking Class: Featuring Diaspora Co.‘s Single Origin Turmeric!

    Amanda Coba

    Sold Out
  14. Cherry_Valley_dairy_feta1.jpg

    Cooking Class: Cheesemaking at Home-Feta

    Meghan McKenna

  15. Last_Call.jpg

    Author Talk: Last Call

    Brad Thomas Parsons

  16. Nancy_Leson_Photo_June_2018_(1).jpeg

    Cooking Class: An Autumn Dinner with Nancy

    Nancy Leson

  17. The_Food_of_Sichuan.jpg

    Author Lunch at Lionhead: The Food of Sichuan

    Fuchsia Dunlop

  18. The_Food_of_Sichuan.jpg

    Author Talk: The Food of Sichuan

    Fuchsia Dunlop

  19. pasta.jpg

    Cooking Class: Fresh Pasta

    Amanda Coba

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