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  1. plant-based_family_cookbook.jpg Pre-Order

    The Plant-Based Family Cookbook

    Claire Swift, Sarah Biagetti

  2. vegan_atheletes_cookbook.jpg Pre-Order

    The Vegan Athlete's Cookbook

    Anita Bean

  3. vegan_at_times.jpg Pre-Order

    Vegan, at Times

    Jessica Seinfeld, with Sara Quessenberry

  4. vegan_roasting_pan.jpg Pre-Order

    Vegan Roasting Tray

    Katy Beskow

  5. the_nordic_baker.jpg Pre-Order

    The Nordic Baker

    Sofia Nordgren

  6. modern_tiffin.jpg Pre-Order

    The Modern Tiffin

    Priyanka Naik

  7. diy_vegan_cooking.jpg Pre-Order

    DIY Vegan Cooking: Visual Recipe Cards

    Michi Mathias

  8. lant_powered_mexican.jpg Pre-Order

    Plant Powered Mexican

    Kate Ramos

  9. vegan_family_cookbook.jpg Pre-Order

    The Vegan Family Cookbook

    Anna Pippus

  10. cajun_vegan_cookbook.jpg Pre-Order

    The Cajun Vegan Cookbook

    Krimsey Lilleth

  11. tarkari.jpg Pre-Order


    Rohit Ghai

  12. from_gujarat_with_love.jpg Pre-Order

    From Gujarat, with Love

    Vina Patel

  13. vegan_butcher.jpg Pre-Order

    The Vegan Butcher

    Zacchary Bird

  14. plant-based_cooking_for_asbolute_beginners.jpg Pre-Order

    Plant-Based Cooking for Absolute Beginners

    Therese Elgquist

  15. soup_club.jpg

    Soup Club

    Caroline Wright, Willow Heath (Illustrated by)

  16. provecho.jpg Pre-Order


    Edgar Castrejón

  17. zen_vegan_food.jpg Pre-Order

    Zen Vegan Food

    Koyu Iinuma

  18. buddhist_chefs_vegan_comfort_cooking.jpg Pre-Order

    The Buddhist Chef's Vegan Comfort Cooking

    Jean-Philippe Cyr

  19. korean_vegan_cookbook.jpg Pre-Order

    The Korean Vegan Cookbook

    Joanne Lee Molinaro

  20. vegan_mug_cakes.jpg Pre-Order

    Vegan Mug Cakes

    Lottie Covell

  21. celebrate.jpg Pre-Order

    Celebrate: Plant Based Recipes for Every Occasion

    Bettina Campolucci Bordi

  22. complete_book_of_vegan_compleating.jpg Pre-Order

    The Complete Book of Vegan Compleating

    Ellen Tout

  23. little_pine_cookbook.jpg

    The Little Pine Cookbook


  24. vegan_asian.jpg

    Vegan Asian

    Jeeca Uy

  25. Dreenas_kind_kitchen.jpg

    Dreena's Kind Kitchen

    Dreena Burton

  26. vegan_savvy.jpg

    Vegan Savvy

    Azmina Govindji

  27. indian_vegan__vegetarian.jpg

    Indian Vegan & Vegetarian

    Mridula Baljekar

  28. afro_vegan.jpg

    Afro Vegan

    Zoe Alakija

  29. 5-ingredient_vegan_cooking.jpg

    5-Ingredient Vegan Cooking

    Kate Friedman

  30. dada_eats.jpg

    Dada Eats Love to Cook It

    Samah Dada

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