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  1. what_white_people_can_do_next.jpg Pre-Order

    What White People Can Do Next

    Emma Dabiri

  2. broken_horses.jpg Signed!

    Broken Horses

    Brandi Carlile

  3. the_hill_we_climb.jpg

    The Hill We Climb

    Amanda Gorman

  4. water_wood_and_wild_things.jpg

    Water, Wood, and Wild Things

    Hannah Kirshner

  5. pacific_coasting.jpg

    Pacific Coasting

    Danielle Kroll

  6. how_to_avoid_a_climate_disaster.jpg

    How to Avoid a Climate Disaster

    Bill Gates

  7. mediocre.jpg


    Ijeoma Oluo

  8. a_promised_land.jpg

    A Promised Land

    Barack Obama

  9. shit_actually.jpg

    Shit, Actually

    Lindy West

  10. in_the_company_of_women_paperback.jpg

    In the Company of Women - Paperback

    Grace Bonney

  11. the_fixed_stars.jpg Signed!

    The Fixed Stars

    Molly Wizenberg

  12. trick_mirror.jpg

    Trick Mirror

    Jia Tolentino

  13. rodham.jpg


    Curtis Sittenfeld

  14. stray.jpg

    Stray: A Memoir

    Stephanie Danler

  15. dying_of_whiteness.jpg

    Dying of Whiteness paperback

    Jonathan M Metzl

  16. circe.jpg

    Circe - Paperback

    Madeline Miller

  17. normal_people.jpg

    Normal People

    Sally Rooney

  18. pocket_aoc_wisdom.jpg

    Pocket Aoc Wisdom

  19. me_and_white_supremacy.jpg

    Me and White Supremacy (hardcover)

    Layla F. Saad

  20. the_witches_are_coming.jpg

    The Witches Are Coming

    Lindy West

  21. girl_woman_other.jpg

    Girl, Woman, Other

    Bernardine Evaristo

  22. these_truths.jpg

    These Truths

    Jill Lepore

  23. so_you_want_to_talk_about_race.jpg

    So You Want to Talk about Race

    Ijeoma Oluo

  24. how_to_be_antiracist.jpg

    How to Be an Antiracist

    Ibram X. Kendi

  25. we_were_eight_years_in_power.jpg

    We Were Eight Years in Power

    Ta-Nehisi Coates

  26. white_fragility.jpg

    White Fragility

    Robin DiAngelo

  27. How_To_Break_Up_With_Your_Phone.jpg

    How to Break Up with Your Phone

    Catherine Price

  28. between_the_world_and_me.jpg

    Between the World and Me

    Ta-Nehisi Coates

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