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  1. way_of_the_cocktail.jpg Pre-Order

    The Way of the Cocktail

    Julia Momosé, Emma Janzen

  2. Japanese_Art_of_Cocktail.jpg Pre-Order

    The Japanese Art of the Cocktail

    Masahiro Urushido, Michael Anstendig

  3. Pre-Order

    Japanese Farm Food paperback

    Nancy Singleton Hachisu

  4. monk.jpg


    Yoshihiro Imai, Naomi Reis (Translated by)

  5. eating_wild_japan.jpg

    Eating Wild Japan

    Winifred Bird, Paul Poynter (Illustrated by)

  6. water_wood_and_wild_things.jpg

    Water, Wood, and Wild Things

    Hannah Kirshner

  7. Sushi_Party.jpg

    Sushi Party

    Ken Kawasumi

  8. ramen_forever.png

    Ramen Forever

    Yarrow Slaps, editor

  9. Japanese_Soups.jpg

    Japanese Soups

    Keiko Iwasaki

  10. Japanese_Food_Made_Easy.jpg

    Japanese Food Made Easy

    Aya Nishimura

  11. mochi_magic.jpg

    Mochi Magic

    Kaori Becker

  12. Japanese_Sake_Bible.jpg

    The Japanese Sake Bible

    Brian Ashcraft, Takashi Eguchi

  13. cook_anime.jpg

    Cook Anime

    Diana Ault

  14. bento.jpg


    Yuko, Noriko

  15. Classic_home_cooking_from_japan.jpg

    Classic Home Cooking from Japan

    Asako Yoshida

  16. only_in_toyko.jpg

    Only in Tokyo

    Michael Ryan and Luke Burgess

  17. japanese_in_7.jpg

    Japanese in 7

    Kimiko Barber

  18. rikas_modern_japanese_home_cooking_jpg.jpg

    Rika's Modern Japanese Home Cooking

    Rika Yukimasa

  19. Vegan_Japaneasy.jpg

    Vegan Japaneasy

    Tim Anderson

  20. JapaneseHomeCooking.jpg

    Japanese Home Cooking

    Sonoko Sakai

  21. Food_Artisans_of_Japan.jpg

    Food Artisans of Japan

    Nancy Singleton Hachisu

  22. complete_guide_to_japanese_drinks.jpg

    The Complete Guide to Japanese Drinks

    Stephen Lyman, Chris Bunting

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