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  1. Serafina.jpg Pre-Order


    Vittorio Assaf, Fabio Granato, Lavinia Branca Snyder, Mark Roskams (Photographer)

  2. sicilia.jpg Pre-Order


    Ben Tish

  3. a_blissful_feast.jpg Pre-Order

    A Blissful Feast paperback

    Teresa Lust

  4. la_vita_e_dolce.jpg Pre-Order

    La Vita E Dolce

    Letitia Clark

  5. cocktail_italiona.jpg Pre-Order

    Cocktail Italiano

    Annette Joseph

  6. getaway.jpg Pre-OrderSigned!


    Renee Erickson

  7. the_italian_deli_cookbook.jpg

    The Italian Deli Cookbook

    Theo Randall

  8. torta_della_nonna.jpg

    Torta Della Nonna

    Emiko Davies

  9. the_new_cucina_italiana.jpg

    The New Cucina Italiana

    Laura Lazzaroni

  10. florentine.jpg

    Florentine (2nd ed.)

    Emiko Davies

  11. Cook_the_Mountain.jpg

    Cook the Mountain

    Norbert Niederkofler

  12. Roads_to_Rome.jpg

    The Roads to Rome

    Jarrett Wrisley, Paolo Vitaletti

  13. Melissa_Fortis_Christmas_Baking_Book.jpg

    Melissa Forti's Christmas Baking Book

    Melissa Forti

  14. Pasta_Codex.jpg

    The Pasta Codex

    Vincenzo Buonassisi

  15. Chi_Spacca.jpg

    Chi Spacca

    Nancy Silverton, Ryan Denicola, and Carolynn Carreno

  16. towpath.jpg Signed!


    Lori De Mori, Laura Jackson

  17. Osteria.jpg


    Slow Food Editore, Natalie Danford (Translated by)

  18. Italian_Cooking_School_Dolci.jpg

    Italian Cooking School: Dolci

    Alice Cucina magazine

  19. Barbuto.jpg Signed!

    The Barbuto Cookbook

    Jonathan Waxman

  20. Ainsleys_mediterranean_cookbook.jpg

    Ainsley’s Mediterranean Cookbook

    Ainsley Harriott

  21. old_world_italian.jpg

    Old World Italian

    Mimi Thorisson

  22. big_love_cooking.jpg

    Big Love Cooking

    Joey Campanaro, Theresa Gambacorta

  23. Ultimate_Pasta_Machine.jpg

    The Ultimate Pasta Machine Cookbook

    Lucy Vaserfirer

  24. the_amorino_guide_to_gelato.jpg

    Amorino Guide to Gelato

    Stéphan Lagorce, Bob Mitchell

  25. friuli_food_and_wine.jpg

    Friuli Food and Wine

    Bobby Stuckey, Lachlan MacKinnon-Patterson, and Meredith Erickson

  26. the_silver_spoon_recipes_for_babies.jpg

    The Silver Spoon: Recipes for Babies

    The Silver Spoon Kitchen

  27. vegetarian_silver_spoon.jpg

    The Vegetarian Silver Spoon

    The Silver Spoon Kitchen

  28. Bitter_Honey.jpg

    Bitter Honey

    Letitia Clark

  29. Venice.jpg


    Russell Norman

  30. venetian_republic.jpg

    Venetian Republic

    Nino Zoccali

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