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  1. chef_in_a_truck.jpg Pre-Order

    The Chef in a Truck

    François Perret

  2. pasta.jpg Pre-Order


    Missy Robbins, Talia Baiocchi

  3. Cooking_for_your_kids.jpg Pre-Order

    Cooking for Your Kids

    Joshua David Stein

  4. whats_good.jpg Pre-Order

    What's Good?

    Peter Hoffman

  5. monk.jpg


    Yoshihiro Imai, Naomi Reis (Translated by)

  6. The_family_meal.jpg

    The Family Meal, 10th Anniversary Edition

    Ferran Adrià

  7. vegetable_simple.jpg

    Vegetable Simple

    Eric Ripert

  8. dirt_paperback.jpg

    Dirt - paperback

    Bill Buford

  9. at_home_in_the_kitchen.jpg

    At Home in the Kitchen

    David Kinch, Devin Fuller

  10. tangy_tart_hot__sweet.jpg

    Tangy Tart Hot and Sweet (reprint)

    Padma Lakshmi

  11. Mister_Jius_in_Chinatown.jpg

    Mister Jiu's in Chinatown

    Brandon Jew, Tienlon Ho

  12. todays_special.jpg

    Today’s Special: 20 Leading Chefs Choose 100 Emerging Chefs

    Phaidon Editors

  13. Chasing_Harvest.jpg

    Chasing Harvest

    Kevin O'Connor

  14. Clodaghs_Weeknight_Kitchen1.jpg

    Clodagh's Weeknight Kitchen

    Clodagh McKenna

  15. Double_Happiness_Cookbook.jpg

    The Double Happiness Cookbook

    Trevor Lui

  16. Cook_the_Mountain.jpg

    Cook the Mountain

    Norbert Niederkofler

  17. Vegetarian_Flavors_with_Alamelu.jpg

    Vegetarian Flavors with Alamelu

    Alamelu Vairavan

  18. Apotheke.JPG


    Christopher Tierney, Erica Brod

  19. Fresh_from_Louisiana.jpeg

    Fresh from Louisiana

    George Graham

  20. faviken_4015_days.jpg Signed!

    Fäviken : 4015 Days, Beginning to End

    Magnus Nilsson

  21. i_know_this_to_be_true_rene_redzepi.jpg

    I Know This to Be True: Rene Redzepi

    Geoff Blackwell, Ruth Hobday

  22. therise.jpg

    The Rise

    Marcus Samuelsson

  23. Flavorbomb.jpg


    Bob Blumer

  24. Kiin.jpg


    Nuit Regular

  25. Snacky_tunes.jpg

    Snacky Tunes

    Darin Bresnitz, Greg Bresnitz

  26. cook_with_me.jpg

    Cook with Me

    Alex Guarnaschelli

  27. Hawksworth.jpg


    David Hawksworth, Jacob Richler, Stéphanie Nöel

  28. Chasing_Flavor.jpg

    Chasing Flavor

    Dan Kluger

  29. Opera_Patisserie.jpg

    Opera Patisserie

    Cedric Grolet

  30. Hunter_Chef.jpg

    The Hunter Chef

    Chef Michael Hunter

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