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  1. french_pastry_made_simple.jpg Pre-Order

    French Pastry Made Simple

    Molly Wilkinson

  2. my_place_at_the_table.jpg Pre-Order

    My Place at the Table

    Alexander Lobrano

  3. the_alice_b_toklas_cook_book.jpg Pre-Order

    The Alice B. Toklas Cook Book

    Alice B Toklas

  4. french_countryside_cooking.jpg Pre-Order

    French Countryside Cooking

    Daniel Galmiche

  5. getaway.jpg Pre-OrderSigned!


    Renee Erickson

  6. a_table.jpg Signed!

    A Table

    Rebekah Peppler

  7. dirt_paperback.jpg

    Dirt - paperback

    Bill Buford

  8. a_table_in_paris.jpg

    A Table in Paris

    John Donohue

  9. plat_du_jours.jpg

    Plat Du Jour

    Susan Herrmann Loomis

  10. The_French_Chef_Handbook.jpg

    The French Chef Handbook

    Michel Maincent-Morel

  11. Bisous__Brioche.jpg

    Bisous and Brioche

    Laura Bradbury, Rebecca Wellman

  12. Boulangerie_at_Home.jpg

    Boulangerie at Home

    Rodolphe Landemaine

  13. bistro.jpg


    Laura Washburn Hutton

  14. Opera_Patisserie.jpg

    Opera Patisserie

    Cedric Grolet

  15. Petite_Patisserie.jpg

    Petite Patisserie

    Christophe Felder, Camille Lesecq

  16. one_more_croissant_for_the_road.jpg

    One More Croissant for the Road

    Felicity Cloake

  17. Petite_Pâtisserie.jpg

    Petite Pâtisserie:

    Cheryl Wakerhauser

  18. Joie_de_Vivre.jpg

    Joie de Vivre

    Robert Arbor, Katherine Whiteside

  19. Garlic_Mint__Sweet_Basil.jpg

    Garlic, Mint, & Sweet Basil

    Jean-Claude Izzo, Howard Curtis (Translated by)

  20. la_buvette_jpg.jpg

    La Buvette

    Camille Fourmant, Kate Leahy

  21. dirt_jpg.jpg


    Bill Buford

  22. Alexandre_Gauthier.jpg

    Alexandre Gauthier: Chef, La Grenouillère Volume 2

    Alexandre Gauthier

  23. everyone_can_bake.jpg

    Everyone Can Bake

    Dominique Ansel

  24. the_art_of_drinking_wine.jpg

    Monseigneur le Vin

    Louis Forest

  25. Dinner_in_french.jpg

    Dinner in French

    Melissa Clark

  26. Drinking_French.jpg Signed!


    David Lebovitz

  27. poilane.jpg


    Apollonia Poilane and Philippe Santamaria

  28. French_appetizers.jpg

    French Appetizers

    Marie Asselin, Catherine Cote

  29. Aperitif.jpg


    Rebekah Peppler

  30. institut_paul_bocuse_gastronomique.jpg

    Institut Paul Bocuse Gastronomique

    Institut Paul Bocuse

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