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  1. provider_cooknbook.jpg Pre-Order

    The Provider Cookbook

    Chad Belding, Chad Mendes

  2. veggies_and_fish.jpg Pre-Order

    Veggies & Fish

    Bart van Olphen

  3. row_34_cookbook.jpg Pre-Order

    The Row 34 Cookbook

    Jeremy Sewall, Erin Byers Murray, Renee Erickson (foreward by)

  4. one_dish_fish.jpg Pre-Order

    One Dish Fish

    Lola Milne

  5. the_magic_of_tinned_fish.jpg Pre-Order

    The Magic of Tinned Fish

    Chris McDade

  6. hook_line_and_supper.jpg Pre-OrderSigned!

    Hook, Line and Supper

    Hank Shaw

  7. eventide.jpg


    Arlin Smith, Andrew Taylor, Mike Wiley, and Sam Hiersteiner

  8. The_tinned_fish_cookbook.jpg

    The Tinned Fish Cookbook

    Bart van Olphen

  9. salmon_sisters.jpg

    The Salmon Sisters

    Emma Teal Laukitis and Claire Neaton

  10. Foolproof_fish.jpg

    Foolproof Fish

    America's Test Kitchen

  11. Pacific_Northwest_Seafood_Cookbook.jpg

    The Pacific Northwest Seafood Cookbook

    Naomi Tomky

  12. the_whole_fish_cookbook.jpg

    The Whole Fish Cookbook

    Josh Niland

  13. Eat_Like_a_fish.jpg

    Eat Like a Fish

    Bren Smith

  14. GoodFish.jpg

    Good Fish

    Becky Selengut

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