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  1. one_dish_fish.jpg Pre-Order

    One Dish Fish

    Lola Milne

  2. modern_freezer_meals.jpg Pre-Order

    Modern Freezer Meals

    Ali Rosen

  3. quick__easy_dinner_solutions.jpg Pre-Order

    Quick & Easy Dinner Solutions

    Jenny Warsén

  4. 5-ingredient_vegan_cooking.jpg Pre-Order

    5-Ingredient Vegan Cooking

    Kate Friedman

  5. chetnas_30_minute_indian.jpg Pre-Order

    Chetna's 30 Minute Indian

    Chetna Makan

  6. the_vegan_abcs.jpg Pre-Order

    The Vegan ABCs Cookbook

    Lisa Dawn Angerame

  7. Dinner_Solutions.jpg Pre-Order

    Quick & Easy Dinner Solutions

    Jenny Warsén

  8. everyday_dinners.jpg Pre-Order

    Everyday Dinners

    Jessica Merchant

  9. fast_easy_cheap_vegan.jpg

    Fast Easy Cheap Vegan

    Sam Turnbull

  10. Super_Natural_Simple.jpg Signed!

    Super Natural Simple

    Heidi Swanson

  11. Foolproof_one-pot.jpg

    Foolproof One-Pot

    Alan Rosenthal

  12. 5-minute_vegan_lunchbox.jpg

    The 5-Minute Vegan Lunchbox

    Alexander Hart

  13. Japanese_Food_Made_Easy.jpg

    Japanese Food Made Easy

    Aya Nishimura

  14. easy_vegan_bible.jpg

    Easy Vegan Bible

    Katy Beskow

  15. love_in_a_mug.jpg

    Love in a Mug

    Smart Design Studio

  16. Speedy_Bosh.JPG

    Speedy Bosh!

    Ian Theasby, Henry David Firth

  17. the_ultimate_college_cookbook.jpg

    The Ultimate College Cookbook

    Victoria Granof

  18. time_to_eat.jpg

    Time to Eat

    Nadiya Hussain

  19. Tasty_as_F*ck.jpg

    Tasty as F*ck

    Zoe Gifford

  20. Tasty_Adulting.jpg

    Tasty Adulting


  21. Family_Style.jpg

    Family Style

    Karen Tedesco

  22. instant_family_meals.jpg

    Instant Family Meals

    Sarah Copeland

  23. Unf*ckupable.JPG


    Zach Golden

  24. Flavor_for_All.jpg

    Flavor for All

    James Briscione, Brooke Parkhurst

  25. snacking_cakes.jpg

    Snacking Cakes

    Yossy Arefi

  26. Home_Cooked_Comforts.jpg

    Home-Cooked Comforts

    Laura Washburn Hutton

  27. How_to_Cook.jpg

    How to Cook

    Hugh Acheson

  28. milk_street_cookish.jpg

    Milk Street: Cookish

    Christopher Kimball

  29. Epic_30-Minute_Roasts.jpg

    Epic 30-Minute Roasts

    Maja Zver, Jernej Zver

  30. everyday_fresh.jpg

    Everyday Fresh: Meals in Minutes

    Donna Hay

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