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  1. swedish_fika.jpg Pre-Order

    Swedish Fika

    Milo Kalén

  2. la_vita_e_dolce.jpg Pre-Order

    La Vita E Dolce

    Letitia Clark

  3. bake_it_vegan.jpg Pre-Order

    Bake It Vegan

    Maja Brekalo

  4. super_vegan_scoops.jpg Pre-Order

    Super Vegan Scoops!

    Hannah Kaminsky

  5. Little_tarts.jpg Pre-Order

    Little Tarts

    Meike Schaling

  6. aguas_frescas__paletas.jpg Pre-Order

    Aguas Frescas & Paletas

    Ericka Sanchez

  7. the_ultimate_book_of_chocolate.jpg

    The Ultimate Book of Chocolate

    Melanie Dupuis

  8. wild_sweetness.jpg

    Wild Sweetness

    Thalia Ho

  9. torta_della_nonna.jpg

    Torta Della Nonna

    Emiko Davies

  10. mochi_magic.jpg

    Mochi Magic

    Kaori Becker

  11. a_good_bake.jpg

    A Good Bake

    Melissa Weller, Carolynn Carreno

  12. baked_to_order.jpg

    Baked to Order

    Ruth Tam

  13. baked_with_love.jpg

    Baked with Love: Over 110 Allergen-Friendly Vegan Desserts

    Brittany Berlin

  14. no-bake_vegan_desserts.jpg

    No-Bake Vegan Desserts

    Christina Leopold

  15. Now_for_Something_Sweet.jpg

    Now for Something Sweet

    Monday Morning Cooking Club

  16. magnolia_bakery_handbook.jpg

    The Magnolia Bakery Handbook

    Bobbie Lloyd

  17. Melissa_Fortis_Christmas_Baking_Book.jpg

    Melissa Forti's Christmas Baking Book

    Melissa Forti

  18. Dessert_person.jpg

    Dessert Person

    Claire Saffitz

  19. Pieometry.jpg Signed!


    Lauren Ko

  20. Martha_Stewarts_Cake_Perfection.jpg

    Martha Stewart's Cake Perfection

    Editors of Martha Stewart Living

  21. The_Farmers_Daughter_Bakes.jpg

    The Farmer's Daughter Bakes

    Kelsey Siemens

  22. christmas_with_kim-joy.jpg

    Christmas with Kim-Joy


  23. Milk_Jar_Cookies_Bakebook.jpg

    Milk Jar Cookies Bakebook

    Courtney Cowan

  24. Italian_Cooking_School_Dolci.jpg

    Italian Cooking School: Dolci

    Alice Cucina magazine

  25. Cinnamon_Spice__Warm_Apple_Pie.jpg

    Cinnamon, Spice & Warm Apple Pie

    Ryland Peters & Small

  26. naturally,_delicious_desserts.jpg

    Naturally, Delicious Desserts

    Danny Seo

  27. The_pastry_chefs_guide.jpg

    The Pastry Chef's Guide

    Ravneet Gill

  28. Sweet_vegan.jpg

    Sweet Vegan

    Nicole Maree

  29. instant_pot_desserts.jpg

    Instant Pot Desserts

    Laurel Randolph

  30. party_pops.jpg

    Party Pops!

    Jassy Davis

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