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  1. cajun_vegan_cookbook.jpg Pre-Order

    The Cajun Vegan Cookbook

    Krimsey Lilleth

  2. cheryl_days_treasury_of_southern_baking.jpg Pre-Order

    Cheryl Day’s Treasury of Southern Baking

    Cheryl Day

  3. yall_come_over.jpg Pre-Order

    Y'All Come Over

    Rebecca Lang

  4. princess_pamelas_soul_food.jpg Pre-Order

    Princess Pamela's Soul Food Cookbook

    Pamela Strobel, Matt Lee and Ted Lee (Introduction by)

  5. smokin_in_the_boys_room.jpg Pre-Order

    Smokin' in the Boys' Room

    Melissa Cookston

  6. Bress_n_nyam.jpg

    Bress 'n' Nyam

    Matthew Raiford, with Amy Paige Condon

  7. southern_ground.jpg

    Southern Ground

    Jennifer Lapidus

  8. the_twisted_soul_cookbook.jpg

    The Twisted Soul Cookbook

    Deborah VanTrece

  9. rodney_scotts_world_of_bbq.jpg Signed!

    Rodney Scott's World of BBQ

    Rodney Scott, Lolis Eric Elie

  10. food_between_friends.jpg

    Food Between Friends

    Jesse Tyler Ferguson, Julie Tanous

  11. Rice.jpg


    Michael W Twitty

  12. Modern_Cajun_Cooking.jpg

    Modern Cajun Cooking

    Leigh Ann Chatagnier

  13. edna_lewis.jpg

    Edna Lewis - PAPERBACK

    Sara B Franklin

  14. black_white_grey.jpg

    Black, White, and the Grey

    Mashama Bailey, John O. Morisano

  15. Fresh_from_Louisiana.jpeg

    Fresh from Louisiana

    George Graham

  16. I_Heart_Soul_Food.jpg Signed!

    I Heart Soul Food

    Rosie Mayes

  17. this_will_make_it_taste_good.jpg

    This Will Make It Taste Good

    Vivian Howard

  18. Miami_Cooks.jpg

    Miami Cooks

    Sara Liss

  19. A_Taste_of_Haiti.jpg

    A Taste of Haiti

    Mirta Yurnet-Thomas

  20. Good_Book_of_Southern_Baking.jpg

    The Good Book of Southern Baking

    Kelly Fields, Kate Heddings

  21. Tailgreat.jpg


    John Currence

  22. the_dukes_mayonnaise_cookbook.jpg

    The Duke's Mayonnaise Cookbook

    Ashley Strickland Freeman

  23. cooking_in_marfa.jpg

    Cooking in Marfa

    Virginia Lebermann, Rocky Barnette

  24. a_good_meal_is_hard_to_find.jpg

    A Good Meal Is Hard to Find

    Amy C. Evans, Martha Hall Foose

  25. mosquito_supper_club.jpg

    Mosquito Supper Club

    Melissa M. Martin

  26. meals_music_and_muses.jpg

    Meals, Music, and Muses

    Alexander Smalls, Veronica Chambers

  27. South_Sean_Brock.jpg


    Sean Brock

  28. a_south_you_never_ate.jpg

    A South You Never Ate

    Bernard L. Herman

  29. son_of_a_southern_chef.jpg

    Son of a Southern Chef

    Lazarus Lynch

  30. in_pursuit_of_flavor.jpg

    In Pursuit of Flavor

    Edna Lewis

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