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  1. Cooking_for_your_kids.jpg Pre-Order

    Cooking for Your Kids

    Joshua David Stein

  2. at_home_in_the_kitchen.jpg

    At Home in the Kitchen

    David Kinch, Devin Fuller

  3. negroni.jpg


    David T Smith, Keli Rivers

  4. Speedy_Bosh.JPG

    Speedy Bosh!

    Ian Theasby, Henry David Firth

  5. the_french_laundry,_per_se.jpg

    The French Laundry, Per Se

    Thomas Keller & David Breeden

  6. Il_Buco.jpg

    Il Buco

    Donna Lennard, Joshua David Stein

  7. Mastering_Bread.jpg

    Mastering Bread

    Marc Vetri, Claire Kopp McWilliams, David Joachim

  8. science_and_cooking.jpg

    Science and Cooking

    Michael Brenner, Pia Sörensen, and David Weitz

  9. The_Nom_Wah_Cookbook.jpg

    The Nom Wah Cookbook

    Wilson Tang, Joshua David Stein

  10. Hawksworth.jpg


    David Hawksworth, Jacob Richler, Stéphanie Nöel

  11. Eat_a_peach.jpg

    Eat a Peach

    David Chang

  12. Maenam.jpg


    Angus An, David Thompson (Foreword), Normand Laprise (Foreword)

  13. wings_and_things.jpg

    Wings and Things

    Ben Ford, David Turofsky

  14. notes_from_a_young_black_chef.jpg

    Notes from a Young Black Chef - Paperback

    Kwame Onwuachi, Joshua David Stein

  15. fresh_veggie_bbq.gif

    Fresh Veggie BBQ

    David & Charlotte Bailey

  16. baja_california_cookbookjgp.jpg

    The Baja California Cookbook

    David Castro Hussong and Jay Porter

  17. Drinking_French.jpg

    Drinking French

    David Lebovitz

  18. notes_from_a_young_black_chef.jpg

    Notes from a Young Black Chef - Hardcover

    Kwame Onwuachi, Joshua David Stein

  19. cocktail_codex.jpg

    Cocktail Codex

    Alex Day, Nick Fauchald, David Kaplan

  20. noma_guide_to_fermentation.jpg

    The Noma Guide to Fermentation

    René Redzepi, David Zilber

  21. perfect_scoop.jpg

    The Perfect Scoop

    David Lebovitz

  22. death__co.jpg

    Death & Co

    David Kaplan, Nick Fauchald, Alex Day

  23. Lebovitz.jpg

    My Paris Kitchen

    David Lebovitz

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