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Venison Every Day

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Venison Every Day: The No-Fuss Guide to Cooking Game at Home

2020 Page Street Publishing


Seasoned venison recipe developer Allie Doran makes cooking with deer meat easy and delicious, so hunters can utilize all of their meat and make venison approachable to their families.

In this collection of venison recipes, Allie Doran, founder of Miss Allie’s Kitchen, shows readers how to maintain and cook deer meat, with methods that enhance its flavor in many family favorite dishes like Bolognese, Shepherd’s Pie and Breakfast Burritos. These recipes will inspire family cooks to discover new ways to empty out the fridge and use their venison meat to feed their whole family, saving on money and storage.

This collection helps hunters tackle the tricky task of cooking deer in a way that satisfies everyone by offering a range of recipes; some highlight venison’s quintessential gamy texture—appealing to the purists—with recipes like Carpaccio with Cracked Pepper + Pickled Red Onion and Venison Jerky, while many others subdue venison’s tough texture and tangy taste, using cooking methods such as trimming sinew, for meals with approachable flavors all kids and family members will love. Recipes include Venison Stroganoff, Italian Wedding Soup, Chipotle Jack Venison Burgers, Sweet Red Onion Meatballs, Venison Taco Dip and more. By making deer meat desirable to picky eaters and kids, hunters and spouses of hunters will waste less meat, save money and easily feed their family natural, field-to-table ingredients. These easy and versatile recipes will revolutionize the way this community utilizes their meat.

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