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The Great Book of Yorkshire Pudding

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The Great Book of Yorkshire Pudding



Yorkshire's national dish has become loved all over the world. This book reveals the history of how it became such an iconic cullinary delight, and gives clear instruction on perfecting the art of making it. To countless Yorkshire men and women, nothing is more symbolic of God's Own County than Yorkshire Pudding. Yet just how the dish achieved this position of supremacy is shrouded in mystery. So too is the reason why it also has amazing fame not just in other parts of Britain but worldwide - and especially in the USA. This book delves deeply into this local, national and international fascination in a unique Yorkshire creation. It provides the answers to many age-old questions and quarrels. Here is the rebuttal of unjust allegations that pure meanness caused Yorkshire Pudding to be served in tiny portions as a starter. Here too is confirmed the sad fact that Lancashire people used to eat Yorkshire Pudding as a dessert! The book includes detailed recipes for making Yorkshire Pudding and its variants such as Toad in the Hole. Explanations as to what might have gone wrong when the dish turns out flat and soggy could help to avoid marital breakdown.Finally, personal experiences of Yorkshire Pudding are recounted by folk ranging worldwide from a Navajo Indian, celebrity chefs, through to Yorkshire personalities such as Ian McMillan and Dame Margaret Drabble.

This is a book that is quite simply mouth-watering!

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