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Luscious, Tender, Juicy

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Luscious, Tender, Juicy: Recipes for Perfect Texture in Dinners, Desserts, and More

2021 Countryman Press


This book is currently available for pre-order and will be ready for shipping and instore pickup after December 7th 2021.

Methods for getting that perfect, satisfying texture each and every time.

Nothing ruins a good meal faster than a dry, rubbery, or gummy texture. Including a list of moist ingredients and suggestions for maintaining a lush consistency, Hunt guides readers through five chapters of global appetizers, mains, side dishes, desserts, and baked goods. Written for both novice and accomplished cooks, this masterclass in texture inspires an appreciation for the skills needed to craft exquisite mouthfeel—an often-overlooked facet of cooking.

From stir-frying noodles and sautéing fish to grilling delicate vegetables and roasting hearty meats, Luscious, Tender, Juicy covers a wealth of preparation techniques. Hunt explains how to keep food tender and flavorful, an essential aspect of delectable food. The final two chapters, “Luxurious Cakes, Pies, and Puddings” and “Velvety Cookies, Pastries, and Breads,” focus on sweets that wouldn’t be enjoyable (or even edible) if they weren’t fluffy, molten, or gooey.

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