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Kitchen Table Magazine Issue #2

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Kitchen Table Magazine Issue #2 (Autumn 2019)


Come explore the myriad ways that we shop for food, from Korean markets and inner-city bodegas, to rural shoppers and Thai street vendors.

Features include: a comicstrip History of the Tartufo, by Tony Wolf, and a fully-illustrated essay by Justin Dawes; the food-inspired art of Luna Enriquez; the UX (Experience) of Grocery Shopping; and a round-up of Portland-area Co-ops, Specialty Stores, and International Food Markets.

Art by Minnie Phan, Jenny Kenworth, Hailey Holden, Kenisha Rullan, James Kochalka, Olga Svart, Betty Turbo, Jessica Warrick, Jiaqi He, Katrina Tan, Beth Kovar, Bwana Spoons, Peter Kuper, and Scott Morse, plus heaping spoonfuls of lush photography, including the work of Eileen Cho. Cover and interior illustrations by Ulana Zahajkewycz. Stories by Heather Arndt-Anderson, Jenny Jaeckel, Lucie Goudin, Alison Wonderland Tucker, and Dave Adamshick.

About: Kitchen Table Magazine is a voice for food culture, sustainability, our relationship with place, and our ability to be present in a world of digital distraction. Its mission is to connect adventurous souls, curious cooks, and enthusiastic eaters with talented writers, artists, cartoonists, and photographers who explore not only the how-to’s of cooking, but the why’s of eating. We’re at the trailhead of adventure, and would love to have you along every step of the way. Publisher and creative director Brett Warnock was the founder and co-publisher of the venerated comic book company Top Shelf Productions. Kitchen Table Magazine marks Brett’s return to publishing, and combines his experience in visual arts and storytelling, with a passion for food, cooking, and a deep love of place.

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