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Instant Family Meals

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Instant Family Meals: Healthy and Delicious Dishes from Your Slow Cooker, Instant Pot, & more

2020 Clarkson Potter


Making dinner for the family is a whole lot easier and delicious with these healthy recipes for your slow cooker, pressure cooker, multicooker, and Instant Pot?

In Instant Family Meals, cookbook author and mom-of-two Sarah Copeland shows home cooks how to make dinner time a less stressful proposition with 75 inspired breakfasts, snacks, dinners, and even desserts thanks to the speed and efficiency of the multicooker, pressure cooker, slow cooker, and Instant Pot?. Sarah’s straightforward instructions, encouraging advice, and time saving tips make meal planning, prep, and cooking that much easier. 

Dishes like Cacio e Pepe Risotto, Double Vegetable Pot Roast, Late Summer Bean Stew with Fresh Mint, and 10-Minute Pistou with Pasta and Herbs bring an elevated touch and any-night practicality to family meal time favorites. Beyond dinner, Sarah explores hands-off breakfasts like All-Purpose Breakfast Fritatta and Coconut Rice Porridge with Bananas and Raspberry Jam, desserts such as Easy Caramel Flan and Summer Berry Crumble, and cozy drinks like French Hot Chocolate and Spiced Cider.

Instant Family Meals is the busy, modern family’s go-to resource for arriving at the kind of meal that fuels not just tonight’s ballet lesson or the next soccer game, but a whole delicious way of living.

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