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Cooking Meat

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Cooking Meat: A Butcher’s Guide to Choosing, Buying, Cutting, Cooking, and Eating Meat

2020 Random House


A cookbook to turn passionate meat lovers into confident meat cooks, with more than 120 deliciously meaty recipes from butcher and chef, Peter Sanagan.

Peter Sanagan knows everything there is to know about meat. A chef by training and a butcher by trade, there’s not a cut of meat he hasn’t seen, or cooked. In Cooking Meat he gives meat-lovers the nose-to-tail of choosing, buying, handling, prepping, cutting and cooking meat. From information on sustainable, responsible farming to understanding the different cuts of meat available (and what their labels really mean), Cooking Meat is an insider’s expert guide on everything there is to know about meat. Included are step by step basic butchery techniques for things like how tie a roast or french a lamb chop, as well as detailed guides for stuffing the perfect sausages, cooking the perfect steak, making your own bacon, and (the number one question he is asked!) roasting the perfect chicken, as well as ideas and explanations for experimenting with more unusual cuts at home. With a master guide to every common cut of meat and cooking method (from grilling to roasting to braising to pressure cooking to sous viding to pan-frying), Peter gives you the tools to determine what type of meat you want to cook, which cut to pick and why, and how to get the best results when cooking meat every time.

More than just an invaluable reference, Cooking Meat is packed with more than 120 recipes—from childhood-inspired favorites, like Fake ’n’ Bake Chicken Fingers, Homemade Hamburger Helper and Memphis-Style Barbecued Side Ribs, classic comfort food like Short Ribs Glazed with Dark Ale and Steak and Ale Pie, elevated cuisine like Coq au Vin and Wild Boar Ragù, and simple pared-back dishes that just let the meat shine. Peter even offers up a mouthwatering selection of side dishes that will complement all his meaty mains, including Roasted Cauliflower and Cheddar Risotto, Sweet and Sour Baked Beans and Duck Fat Fried Rice.

Cooking Meat is truly a book for any occasion, from weeknight dinners to family barbecues to holiday feasts. With Cooking Meat, you’ll discover a wealth of knowledge on choosing, buying, handling, cutting and cooking meat, and turn yourself from a meat lover to a meat cook.

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