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Clodagh's Weeknight Kitchen

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Clodagh’s Weeknight Kitchen: Easy & Exciting Dishes to Liven Up Your Recipe Repertoire

2021 Kyle Books


Clodagh's 100 interesting, simple recipes from meat-free meals to quick-fix dishes and cupboard suppers offer the answers to all your weeknight dinner dilemmas. With her trademark twists, Clodagh's inspirational but achievable dishes elevate the simple to something special.

Including ideas for:
*Quick Fixes - recipes on the table in less than 30 minutes - perfect for when you've been stuck in the office and need a quick fix.
* One and Done - a variety of one-dish dinners, including roasting pan meals, one-pot stews and casseroles and one-pan recipes.
* Meat-free - vegetarian dishes
* Cupboard stand-bys - recipes based on basic cupboard staples like pasta and canned tomatoes, which don't require a long list of ingredients.
* Friday Night In - satisfying and substantial dishes that can feed 6-8 people for gatherings of friends and family.

"She is a natural cook, with her head straight on and a confident hand." - Saveur

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