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Beverages of Oaxaca (Bebidas de Oaxaca) - Paperback

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Beverages of Oaxaca (Bebidas de Oaxaca) - Paperback

Import. Paperback, English edition

Beverages of Oaxaca takes an in depth look at the traditional beverages of the eight regions of Oaxaca. The images and text in this book offer a window into the communities and people who still create, offer, and enjoy this form of cultural expression. In the world of Mexican cuisine, little has been studied and recognized about the ancestral beverages featured in this book. Each chapter presents a glimpse into the world of the individual creators and the methods they used to produce their beverages. The recipes evoke to their memories, customs, and ways of life.

This is not a recipe book, nor an academic investigation. It is a book that shows us the natural and cultural wealth, taking us through many of the towns in the state of Oaxaca, of cultivation and preparation techniques, of cultural processes through the people who speak with great pride about what makes them different and that is deeply rooted in the customs and traditions of their communities.

This book is the tangible product of an idea and personal project of Salvador Cueva who, when traveling outside of Mexico, decided to return, and learn more about his country while taking photographs. Beyond fulfilling personal goals, his objective was to contribute something with the learnings of his travels. Looking for a direction, he met Ricardo Bonilla, researcher and gastronomic critic who understood the importance and strength of the subject and committed himself to it, as long as it was a teamwork where he could contribute a deeper vision of the subject so that the project it was also a guideline for other possible culinary research.

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