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Baby Food in an Instant

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Baby Food in an Instant: Healthy Organic Purees from Your Multi-Cooker

2020 Castle Point Books


This book is currently available for pre-order, and will be available for shipping and in-store pickup on November 3rd 2020. 

All-Natural, Prep-Ahead Recipes for a Happy, Healthy Baby!

It's a great feeling to know exactly what's in every spoonful you feed your baby. If you don't think you have the time or money to make baby food at home, Baby Food in an Instant and a multi-cooker will give you all the magic you need! You can whip up fresh flavors and just-right textures that you and your baby will both love--from nutrient-packed purees, to satisfy those toothless smiles, to first finger foods as your baby grows. In just minutes and on a budget, Baby Food in an Instant guides you to great meals ready to satisfy and help your baby explore all kinds of amazing tastes.- More than 80 baby food recipes for every stage are designed with make-ahead prep and simple refrigerator and freezer storage in mind--so you spend your time snuggling, not stuck in the kitchen.

- A variety of puree flavors--from classic pea and carrot to more adventurous zucchini and bell pepper--help your baby take in a range of nutrients and develop taste buds that love to try new foods.
- Parent-to-parent tips help you buy the best fresh ingredients on a budget and adapt recipes for your family's needs.

Nothing compares to the fresh taste of meals we make at home, including our little one's purees and finger foods. And now, with Baby Food in an Instant, it's easier than ever to give your baby the best!

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