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Advanced Bread Baking at Home

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Advanced Bread Baking at Home: Recipes & Techniques to Perfect Your Sourdough and More

2021 Page Street Publishing


This book is currently available for pre-order and will be ready for shipping and instore pickup after December 7th 2021.

Bake your way to total bread mastery with 50 advanced-yet-accessible recipes for the ambitious baker.

Homemade bread is having its moment in the spotlight, and people everywhere have spent the last year stocking up on flour, yeast and starter so they can get their hands dirty making delicious loaves from the comfort of their own kitchen. But for those bakers for whom the basics have become boring, what’s next? Enter Advanced Bread Baking at Home, your one-stop-shop for ambitious recipes with accessible tips and tricks to take your loaves to new heights.

Chef Daniele Brenci’s experiences of growing up in Italy and working in Michelin-starred restaurants have made him a master of artisan bakes. He is the perfect guide to help you go beyond basic sourdough and learn how different types of flour and their unique protein contents can elevate and enhance your bread. Prepare to spice up your dough with unique and inspiring inclusions for delicious flavors and textures. Also featuring recipes for pizzas and flatbreads, as well as exciting and ambitious pastries, this cookbook is your ultimate resource for incredible, advanced bakes.

Filled with creative and scrumptious recipes like Spiced Marble Chocolate Sourdough, Black Barley Porridge Bread and Rugbrød (also known as Danish Rye), as well as in-depth knowledge, tutorials and techniques, this cookbook will be your guide to successfully making advanced loaves with ease.

This book includes 50 recipes and 50 photos, plus step-by-steps.

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