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  1. Jenna_Rae_Cakes.jpg

    Jenna Rae Cakes and Sweet Treats

    Ashley Kosowan, Jenna Hutchinson

  2. The_Book_of_Pie.jpg

    The Book of Pie

    Cider Mill Press

  3. christmas_with_kim-joy.jpg

    Christmas with Kim-Joy


  4. Opera_Patisserie.jpg

    Opera Patisserie

    Cedric Grolet

  5. pie_camp.jpg Signed!

    Pie Camp

    Kate McDermott

  6. Crust.jpg


    Richard Bertinet

  7. Milk_Jar_Cookies_Bakebook.jpg

    Milk Jar Cookies Bakebook

    Courtney Cowan

  8. Italian_Cooking_School_Dolci.jpg

    Italian Cooking School: Dolci

    Alice Cucina magazine

  9. Bundt_Collection.jpg

    The Bundt Collection

    Brian Hart Hoffman

  10. Chocolate_Addicts_Baking_Book.jpg

    The Chocolate Addict's Baking Book

    Sabine Venier

  11. pie_for_everyone.jpg

    Pie for Everyone

    Petra Paredez

  12. Pie_Style.jpg

    Pie Style

    Helen Nugent

  13. Pies_Glorious_Pies.jpg

    Pies Glorious Pies

    Maxine Clark

  14. Cinnamon_Spice__Warm_Apple_Pie.jpg

    Cinnamon, Spice & Warm Apple Pie

    Ryland Peters & Small

  15. artisian_kitchen_gluten_free_holiday_cookies.jpg

    The Artisanal Kitchen: Gluten-Free Holiday Cookies

    Alice Medrich, Maya Klein

  16. artisian_kitchen_jewish_holiday_baking.jpg

    The Artisanal Kitchen: Jewish Holiday Baking

    Uri Scheft, Raquel Pelzel

  17. Art_of_Cake.jpg

    The Art of Cake

    Alice Oehr

  18. Petite_Patisserie.jpg

    Petite Patisserie

    Christophe Felder, Camille Lesecq

  19. naturally,_delicious_desserts.jpg

    Naturally, Delicious Desserts

    Danny Seo

  20. The_pastry_chefs_guide.jpg

    The Pastry Chef's Guide

    Ravneet Gill

  21. The_british_baking_book.jpg

    The British Baking Book

    Regula Ysewijn

  22. the_sourdough_school_sweet_baking.jpg

    The Sourdough School: Sweet Baking

    Vanessa Kimbell

  23. Good_Book_of_Southern_Baking.jpg

    The Good Book of Southern Baking

    Kelly Fields, Kate Heddings

  24. rising_hope.jpg

    Rising Hope: Recipes and Stories from Luminary Bakery

    Rachel Stonehouse, Kaila H. Johnson

  25. One_Tin_bakes.jpg

    One Tin Bakes

    Edd Kimber

  26. mug_cakes.jpg

    Mug Cakes

    Mima Sinclair

  27. the_wicked_baker.jpg

    The Wicked Baker

    Helena Garcia

  28. 100_cookies.jpg

    100 Cookies

    Sarah Kieffer

  29. paul_hollywoods_100_great_breads.jpg

    Paul Hollywood 100 Great Breads

    Paul Hollywood

  30. vegan_cake.jpg

    Vegan Cakes

    Sarah Hardy

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