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  1. Pilsner.jpg


    Tom Acitelli

  2. Tasting_the_Past.jpg

    Tasting the Past

    Jacqui Wood

  3. What_is_Cooking.jpg Signed!

    What is Cooking

    Ferran Adria

  4. eaten_vol_8.jpg

    Eaten Magazine Vol. 8

    Emelyn Rude, Editor in Chief

  5. Feasting_Wild.jpg

    Feasting Wild

    Gina Rae La Cerva

  6. the_restaurant.jpg

    The Restaurant

    William Sitwell

  7. Jubilee.jpg

    Jubilee: Recipes from Two Centuries of African American Cooking

    Toni-Tipton Martin

  8. Drunk_In_China.jpg

    Drunk in China

    Derek Sandhaus

  9. a_south_you_never_ate.jpg

    A South You Never Ate

    Bernard L. Herman

  10. Sweet_home_cafe.jpg

    Sweet Home Cafe Cookbook

    NMAAHC, Jessica B. Harris, Albert Lukas, Jerome Grant

  11. the_food_and_drink_of_seattle.jpg Signed!

    The Food and Drink of Seattle

    Judith Dern

  12. edna_lewis.jpg

    Edna Lewis - hardcover

    Sara B. Franklin, Editor

  13. between_harlem_and_heaven.jpg

    Between Harlem and Heaven

    Alexander Smalls, JJ Johnson, Veronica Chambers

  14. cooking_gene.jpg

    The Cooking Gene (Paperback)

    Michael W. Twitty

  15. cooking_gene.jpg

    The Cooking Gene (Hardcover)

    Michael W. Twitty

  16. the_jemima_code.jpg

    The Jemima Code

    Toni Tipton-Martin

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