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  1. The_Art_of_Plant-Based_Cheesemaking.jpg Pre-Order

    The Art of Plant-Based Cheesemaking

    Karen McAthy

  2. Baking_with_Beans.jpg Pre-Order

    Baking with Beans

    Lina Wallentinson

  3. a_table.jpg Pre-Order

    A Table

    Rebekah Peppler

  4. dirt_paperback.jpg Pre-Order

    Dirt - paperback

    Bill Buford

  5. 72_reasons_to_be_vegan.jpg Pre-Order

    72 Reasons to Be Vegan

    Gene Stone, Kathy Freston

  6. summer_cocktails.jpg Pre-Order

    The Artisanal Kitchen: Summer Cocktails

    Nick Mautone

  7. fast_easy_cheap_vegan.jpg Pre-Order

    Fast Easy Cheap Vegan

    Sam Turnbull

  8. cool_real_hawaii.jpg Pre-Order

    Cook Real Hawai’i

    Sheldon Simeon, Garrett Snyder

  9. eat_plants_be_happy.jpg Pre-Order

    Eat Plants, Be Happy

    Caroline Griffiths, Vicki Valsamis

  10. the_foragers_pantry.jpg Pre-Order

    The Forager's Pantry

    Ellen Zachos

  11. wild_sweetness.jpg Pre-Order

    Wild Sweetness

    Thalia Ho

  12. bake_from_scratch_5.jpg Pre-Order

    Bake from Scratch (Vol 5)

    Brian Hart Hoffman (Edited by)

  13. Super_Natural_Simple.jpg Pre-Order

    Super Natural Simple

    Heidi Swanson

  14. at_home_in_the_kitchen.jpg Pre-Order

    At Home in the Kitchen

    David Kinch, Devin Fuller

  15. Wine_time.jpg Pre-Order

    Wine Time

    Barbara Scott-Goodman

  16. the_italian_deli_cookbook.jpg Pre-Order

    The Italian Deli Cookbook

    Theo Randall

  17. sicily_the_wine_route.jpg Pre-Order

    Sicily: The Wine Route

    Samuele Mazza

  18. infused.jpg Pre-Order


    Angèle Ferreux-Maeght

  19. the_twisted_soul_cookbook.jpg Pre-Order

    The Twisted Soul Cookbook

    Deborah VanTrece

  20. sheet_pan_everything.jpg Pre-Order

    Sheet Pan Everything

    Ricardo Larrivee

  21. The_food_of_oaxaca.jpg Pre-Order

    The Food of Oaxaca

    Alejandro Ruiz, Carla Altesor

  22. Spicebox_Kitchen.jpg Pre-Order

    Spicebox Kitchen

    Linda Shiue

  23. anyone_can_cook.jpg Pre-Order

    Anyone Can Cook

    Kitchen Stories

  24. The_Infused_Cocktail_Handbook.jpg Pre-Order

    The Infused Cocktail Handbook

    Cider Mill Press

  25. rodney_scotts_world_of_bbq.jpg Pre-Order

    Rodney Scott's World of BBQ

    Rodney Scott, Lolis Eric Elie

  26. hot_for_food_all_day.jpg Pre-Order

    Hot for Food All Day

    Lauren Toyota

  27. zoe_bakes_cakes.jpg Pre-Order

    Zoë Bakes Cakes

    Zoë François

  28. new_york_time_cooking_no_recipe_recipes.jpg Pre-Order

    The New York Times Cooking No-Recipe Recipes

    Sam Sifton

  29. mango_and_peppercorns.jpg Pre-Order

    Mango and Peppercorns

    Tung Nguyen, Katherine Manning, Lyn Nguyen

  30. the_ultimate_book_of_chocolate.jpg Pre-Order

    The Ultimate Book of Chocolate

    Melanie Dupuis

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