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  1. Eaten_Volume_5.jpg

    Eaten Magazine Vol. 5

    Emelyn Rude, Editor in Chief

  2. Every_Day_is_Saturday.jpg Signed!

    Every Day is Saturday

    Sarah Copeland

  3. greenfeast_spring_summer.jpg

    Greenfeast: Spring, Summer

    Nigel Slater

  4. Pok_pok_noodles.jpg Signed!

    Pok Pok Noodles

    Andy Ricker, JJ Goode

  5. Eat_Like_a_fish.jpg Signed!

    Eat Like a Fish

    Bren Smith

  6. just_peachy.jpg Signed!

    Just Peachy

    Belinda Smith-Sullivan

  7. good_company_issue_3.jpg

    Good Company Issue 3

    Grace Bonney, Editor

  8. Honest_mag_spring_19.png

    Honest Magazine: The Shore

    Shannon Douglas, Editor

  9. Peached_tortilla.jpg Signed!

    The Peached Tortilla

    Eric Silverstein

  10. Peddler_issue_4.jpg

    Peddler Journal Issue 4

    Hetty McKinnon, Editor

  11. SteakandCake.jpg Signed!

    Steak and Cake

    Elizabeth Karmel

  12. Salt__Strwa.jpg Signed!

    Salt & Straw Ice Cream Cookbook

    Tyler Malek, JJ Goode

  13. Big_Bottom_Biscuit.jpg Signed!

    The Big Bottom Biscuit

    Michael Volpatt

  14. Art_Culinaire_Issue_130.jpg

    Art Culinaire Issue 130

    Carol M. Newman, Editor in Chief

  15. Ruffage.jpg


    Abra Berens

  16. Let_Me_Feed_You.jpg Signed!

    Let Me Feed You

    Rosie Daykin

  17. hotbox.jpg Signed!


    Matt Lee and Ted Lee

  18. Bar_Chef.jpeg Signed!

    Bar Chef

    Christiaan Rollich, Carolynn Carreño

  19. Family_Hetty_McKinnon.jpg


    Hetty McKinnon

  20. The_Newlywed_Table.jpg Signed!

    The Newlywed Table

    Maria Zizka

  21. Food_in_Jars_Kitchen.jpg Signed!

    The Food in Jars Kitchen

    Marisa McClellan

  22. Save_Me_the_Plums.jpg Signed!

    Save Me the Plums

    Ruth Reichl

  23. Dinner_Just_for_Two.jpg Signed!

    Dinner Just for Two

    Christina Lane

  24. Icing_on_the_cake.jpg Signed!

    Icing on the Cake

    Tessa Huff

  25. Whetstone_4.png

  26. The_New_Pie.jpg Signed!

    The New Pie

    Chris Taylor and Paul Arguin

  27. Simple_Cake.jpg Signed!

    Simple Cake

    Odette Williams

  28. Husbands_that_cook.jpg Signed!

    Husbands That Cook

    Ryan Alvarez and Adam Merrin

  29. The_Italian_Table.jpg Signed!

    The Italian Table

    Elizabeth Minchilli

  30. Food_of_the_Italian_South.jpg Signed!

    Food of the Italian South

    Katie Parla

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