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  1. made_for_you_winter.jpg Pre-Order

    Made for You: Winter

    Sophie Hansen

  2. The_Essential_Wine_Book.jpg Pre-Order

    The Essential Wine Book

    Zachary Sussman

  3. made_for_you_autumn.jpg Pre-Order

    Made for You: Autumn

    Sophie Hansen

  4. shit_actually.jpg Pre-Order

    Shit, Actually

    Lindy West

  5. American_Cuisine.jpg Pre-Order

    American Cuisine

    Paul Freedman

  6. the_sunday_night_book.jpg Pre-Order

    The Sunday Night Book

    Rosie Sykes

  7. veggie_chinese_takeout_cookbook.jpg Pre-Order

    The Veggie Chinese Takeout Cookbook

    Kwoklyn Wan

  8. Japanese_Food_Made_Easy.jpg Pre-Order

    Japanese Food Made Easy

    Aya Nishimura

  9. fermentation_as_metaphor.jpg Pre-Order

    Fermentation as Metaphor

    Sandor Ellix Katz

  10. The_Best_3_Ingredient_Cookbook.jpg Pre-Order

    The Best 3-Ingredient Cookbook

    Toby Amidor

  11. Snacky_tunes.jpg Pre-Order

    Snacky Tunes

    Darin Bresnitz, Greg Bresnitz

  12. xian_famous_foods.jpg Pre-Order

    Xi'an Famous Foods

    Jason Wang, Jessica Chou

  13. cook_with_me.jpg Pre-Order

    Cook with Me

    Alex Guarnaschelli

  14. dumplings__love.jpg Pre-Order

    Dumplings = Love

    Liz Crain

  15. milk_street_cookish.jpg Pre-Order

    Milk Street: Cookish

    Christopher Kimball

  16. Pieometry.jpg Pre-OrderSigned!


    Lauren Ko

  17. Wild_Mushrooms.jpg Pre-Order

    Wild Mushrooms

    Kristen Blizzard, Trent Blizzard

  18. Delish_Ultimate_Cocktails.jpg Pre-Order

    Delish Ultimate Cocktails

    Joanna Saltz, Edited by Delish

  19. local_dirt.jpg Pre-Order

    Local Dirt

    Andrea Bemis

  20. baking_at_the_20th_century_cafe.jpg Pre-Order

    Baking at the 20th Century Cafe

    Michelle Polzine

  21. Martha_Stewarts_Cake_Perfection.jpg Pre-Order

    Martha Stewart's Cake Perfection

    Editors of Martha Stewart Living

  22. big_macs__burgundy.jpg Pre-Order

    Big Macs & Burgundy

    Vanessa Price, Adam Laukhuf

  23. Naturally_Fermented_Bread.jpg Pre-Order

    Naturally Fermented Bread

    Paul Barker

  24. The_Farmers_Daughter_Bakes.jpg Pre-Order

    The Farmer's Daughter Bakes

    Kelsey Siemens

  25. wild_kitchen.jpg Pre-Order

    Wild Kitchen

    Claire Bingham

  26. Cook_the_Mountain.jpg Pre-Order

    Cook the Mountain

    Norbert Niederkofler

  27. behind_the_bar.jpg Pre-Order

    Behind the Bar

    Alia Akkam

  28. bread_therapy.jpg Pre-Order

    Bread Therapy

    Pauline Beaumont

  29. Vegetarian_Flavors_with_Alamelu.jpg Pre-Order

    Vegetarian Flavors with Alamelu

    Alamelu Vairavan

  30. Chi_Spacca.jpg Pre-Order

    Chi Spacca

    Nancy Silverton, Ryan Denicola, and Carolynn Carreno

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