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  1. Crab.jpg Signed!

    Crab: 50 Recipes with the Fresh Taste of the Sea from the Pacific, Atlantic & Gulf Coasts

    Cynthia Nims

  2. Land_of_Fish_and_Rice.jpeg Signed!

    Land of Fish and Rice: Recipes from the Culinary Heart of China

    Fuchsia Dunlop

  3. Amaro.jpg Signed!

    Amaro: The Spirited World of Bittersweet, Herbal Liqueurs, with Cocktails, Recipes, and Formulas

    Brad Thomas Parsons

  4. Against_All_Grain_Celebrations.jpg Signed!

    Against All Grain Celebrations

    Danielle Walker

  5. The_Coupe.jpg Signed!

    The Coupe: Celebrating Craft Cocktails and Vintage Collections

    Brian Hart Hoffman

  6. Big_Food_Big_Love.jpg Signed!

    Big Food Big Love

    Heather L. Earnhardt

  7. Run_Fast_Eat_Slow.jpeg

    Run Fast. Eat Slow.: Nourishing Recipes for Athletes

    Shalane Flanagan

  8. ACQ_issue_4.jpg

    ACQ - Acquired Taste Magazine Issue 4

    Chuck Ortiz, Editor

  9. Gather_Journal_9.jpg

    Gather Journal 9: The 1970s (Summer 2016)

  10. Pretty_Good_Number_One.gif Signed!

    Pretty Good Number One: An American Family Eats Tokyo

    Matthew Amster-Burton

  11. Paris_Coffee_Revolution.png

    Paris Coffee Revolution

    Anna Brones & Jeff Hargrove

  12. French_Chef_in_America.jpg Signed!

    The French Chef in America: Julia Child’s Second Act

    Alex Prud'homme

  13. Outlander_Kitchen.jpg Signed!

    Outlander Kitchen

    Theresa Carle-Sanders

  14. Not_One_Shrine.gif Signed!

    Not One Shrine: Two Food Writers Devour Tokyo

    Becky Selengut, Matthew Amster-Burton

  15. Hot_rum_cow_10.jpg

    Hot Rum Cow Issue #10

    Simon Lyle, Editor

  16. Imbibe_May_2016.jpg

    Imbibe Magazine Issue 61 (May/June 2016)

    Paul Clarke, Executive Editor

  17. Comestible_Spring_16.jpg Signed!

    Comestible: Spring 2016 (Issue 1)

    Anna Brones

  18. Burnt_Toast.gif Signed!

    Burnt Toast Makes You Sing Good: A Memoir of Food and Love from an American Midwest Family

    Kathleen Flinn

  19. Make_mead_like_a_viking.jpg Signed!

    Make Mead Like a Viking

    Jereme Zimmerman

  20. FiveMorels.jpg

    Five Morsels of Love

    Archana Pidathala

  21. Jarry_Issue_2_(2).jpg

    Jarry Magazine Issue 2

    Lukas Volger, Editorial Director

  22. Starving_Artist_Cookbook_Sara_Zin.jpg Signed!

    The Starving Artist Cookbook: Illustrated Recipes for First-Time Cooks

    Sara Zin

  23. Cake_Magic_Caroline_Wright.jpg Signed!

    Cake Magic! Mix & Match Your Way to 100 Amazing Combinations

    Caroline Wright

  24. Infusing_Flavors_Erin_Coopey.jpg Signed!

    Infusing Flavors: Intense Infusions for Food and Drink

    Erin Coopey

  25. The_Slider_Effect.jpg Signed!

    The Slider Effect: You Can’t Eat Just One!

    Jonathan Melendez

  26. Icy_Creamy_Healthy_Sweet_Chitnis.png Signed!

    Icy, Creamy, Healthy, Sweet

    Christine Chitnis

  27. Jarry_Issue_1.jpg Signed!

    Jarry Magazine Issue 1

    Lukas Volger, Editorial Director

  28. Tasting_Rome.jpg

    Tasting Rome: Fresh Flavors and Forgotten Recipes from an Ancient City

    Katie Parla and Kristina Gill

  29. Bowl_Lukas_Volger.gif

    Bowl: Vegetarian Recipes for Ramen, Pho, Bibimbap, Dumplings, and Other One-Dish Meals

    Lukas Volger

  30. Imbibe_March_2016.jpg

    Imbibe Magazine Issue 60 (March/April 2016)

    Paul Clarke, Executive Editor

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