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October 11 Categorized:

Our Top Ten Bestsellers—Part 2

Here they are, the top selling books that you couldn't get enough of during Book Larder's first year.  The takeaway:  You like memoir, cocktails, and vegetables.  A well-rounded group, methinks.

5.  At The Kitchen Table by Greg Atkinson--Local chef and food writer Greg Atkinson's personal stories made us laugh, cry, and head to the kitchen to create our own memories.  We celebrated the book during our first week, and have headed to it for inspiration ever since.

4.  Shiro by Shiro Kashiba--Sushi legend Shiro's memoir of growing up in Japan, emigrating to Seattle, and introducing the city to the food of his homeland resonated with you, and the production value of the book made it an even greater pleasure to read. 

3.  The Seasonal Cocktail Companion by Maggie Savarino--cocktails are hot, and so is preserving all the lovely fruit and veg that the season has to offer.  Maggie perfectly captures both of these interests with her delicious, accessible recipes for cocktails and DIY spirits, syrups, sugars, and other delights to make your home bar the tastiest on the block.

2.  Bitters by Brad Thomas Parsons--Did I mention that both cocktails and preserving are hot?  Brad's marvelously researched book is a fascinating read on the history of bitters, once considered a magical cure for all that ails you.  It appeals to those who want to make their own bitters, and to those who want to enjoy the new wave of craft bitters in the best way possible.  A thoughtful, beautifully photographed treatment of a timely topic.

1.  Plenty by Yotam Ottolenghi--Hardly a day has gone by when a customer hasn't asked, "Do you have 'Plenty?'"  Yotam Ottolenghi's collection of his popular Guardian column offers a whole new take on vegetables.  With luscious photos and flavors it's incredibly worthy of the top spot on our list. 

And now we look to year #2.  Each month we'll post our bestsellers, so that you can see what our customers are cooking and reading.  Enjoy!