1. Take a community cookbook store in Seattle's North Fremont neighborhood and add a carefully chosen selection of new, vintage collectible, and imported cookbooks. Throw in some great bookmarks, as you wish.
  2. Include years of cooking classes, author signings and demos, and other events with some of the food world's brightest minds and palates.
  3. Mix in seasonal tastings, classes, and demonstrations with the likes of Ruth Reichl, Jacques Pepin, Heidi Swanson, and many, many more. (To taste.)

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Upcoming Events

  1. Author Talk: The Yellow Table
    Free to all
    September 9: 6:30-8pm

    Anna Watson Carl: Author Talk: The Yellow Table

    When people share a meal, magic happens—and this cookbook, named for the table in the author’s childhood kitchen, celebrates that joy. Featuring delicious seasonal recipes perfect for feeding the people you love, it includes everything from Pumpkin Spice Pancakes to Watermelon, Feta, & Mint Skewers, Three-Bean… Read More & Register »
  2. Author Talk: The Beer Bible
    Free to all
    September 10: 6:30-8pm

    Jeff Alworth: Author Talk: The Beer Bible

    It’s finally here—the comprehensive, authoritative book that does for beer what The Wine Bible does for wine. Written by an expert from the West Coast, where America’s craft beer movement got its start, The Beer Bible is the ultimate reader-… Read More & Register »
  3. Cooking Class: CSA Dinner 9/11
    September 11: 6:30-9pm

    Kyle Wisner: Cooking Class: CSA Dinner 9/11

    Do you love the idea of a getting a CSA box, but feel overwhelmed by what to do with unfamiliar vegetables?  Do you admire unusual ingredients at the farmer’s market, but walk away because you aren’t sure how to cook them?  Are you curious… Read More & Register »