1. Take a community cookbook store in Seattle's North Fremont neighborhood and add a carefully chosen selection of new, vintage collectible, and imported cookbooks. Throw in some great bookmarks, as you wish.
  2. Include years of cooking classes, author signings and demos, and other events with some of the food world's brightest minds and palates.
  3. Mix in seasonal tastings, classes, and demonstrations with the likes of Mario Batali, Gabrielle Hamilton, Renee Erickson, and many, many more. (To taste.)

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Upcoming Events

  1. Cooking Class: Recipes from “A Girl and Her Greens”
    July 29: 6:30-9pm

    Kyle Wisner: Cooking Class: Recipes from “A Girl and Her Greens”

    Please note this class will be taught by our Culinary Director, Kyle Wisner. For fans of April Bloomfield’s A Girl and Her Pig, A Girl and her Greens is the vegetable-based sequel. For vegetarians and omnivores alike, this book illustrates the many ways vegetables can be the… Read More & Register »
  2. Author Talk: Driving Hungry
    Free to all
    July 30: 6:30-8pm

    Layne Mosler: Author Talk: Driving Hungry

    Travel the culinary world in a book! This delicious memoir takes us from Buenos Aires to New York to Berlin as the author, driven by wanderlust and an unrelenting appetite, finds purpose, passion, and unexpected flavor. Layne Mosler's search for her next meal based on a recommendation… Read More & Register »
  3. Cooking Class: CSA Dinner 7/31
    July 31: 6:30-9pm

    Kyle Wisner: Cooking Class: CSA Dinner 7/31

    Do you love the idea of a getting a CSA box, but feel overwhelmed by what to do with unfamiliar vegetables?  Do you admire unusual ingredients at the farmer’s market, but walk away because you aren’t sure how to cook them?  Are you curious… Read More & Register »